Good marketing strategy isn’t always about shouting your message as loud as possible—sometimes it just means being in the right place, at the right time, and in Comcast Business’s case, with the right things. For about two minutes on August 21st, millions of people stopped what they were doing and watched as the moon passed in front of the sun. Chattanooga was in the path of totality for this awe-inspiring phenomenon, giving Comcast Business an opportunity to build a community presence in a market that had been dominated by a local competitor.

They accomplished this not with exclusive deals or commercials, but by helping locals enjoy the natural wonder with eclipse glasses, blankets, sunscreen and more at the Comcast Business Eclipse Experience in Coolidge Park downtown. From event conception and execution to custom Snapchat filters, collateral and giveaways, Hothouse helped to cement the brand into the memories of those in attendance. We even got to design a Comcast Business-branded Moon Pie box. Many samples were had—for creative inspiration, of course. By making the community experience top priority, Comcast will stay top of mind with Chattanoogans when they need to select a service partner.