Spoiler alert: explaining the benefits of financial software for the healthcare industry is really, really complicated. That’s why Craneware, the leader in healthcare financial technology, found it difficult to communicate their product advantages to their target audience in a relatable way. Hothouse saw a unique opportunity to reach decision makers by creating five 90-second videos featuring different multi-faceted products, using easy-to-understand language and simplified concepts. These videos open the door for Craneware’s sales team to start a conversation with healthcare and hospital administrators about maximizing their organization’s revenue.

We created the video series on a tight timeline and with a strategic use of the budget. The videos were developed in batches, creating efficiencies in writing, graphic design and pre-production. The use of only one voice actor resulted in budget efficiency and brand cohesion as well.

Adhering to the timeline meant that the discovery period was truncated, so the team gained insight into Craneware’s products through a series of stakeholder interviews and previous project education. From there, we crafted scripts that focused on key brand differentiators like service pricing strategies, cost analysis and more. The script used language aimed at high-level hospital administration executives, enticing them to learn more about Craneware’s ability to help them achieve their revenue goals.

This cross-departmental initiative brought together copywriting and design from the creative team, along with the visual storytelling expertise of our video team. By collaborating and staying agile, Hothouse produced high-quality work on an expedited timeline and within budget—it was that simple.