What is your role at Hothouse?
Project Manager. I’m responsible for the successful planning, design, and execution of a project.

How long have you worked here?
Three years. I started working as an intern in the summer of 2014 while I was still in school at Georgia Tech. I started full time as a project coordinator in January of 2015.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Hothouse?
I love the people at Hothouse. When I was still in school hearing about other people’s first jobs, all I heard were stories of people walking over others to make it to the top. At Hothouse, people are constantly willing to help each other. The “we” is greater than the “I.” This isn’t because people here don’t have drive. It’s because people realize they’re better when the people around them are better.

What award would you win, if Hothouse gave out awards?
I would be given the award “Most Likely to Make Himself Laugh Without Anyone Else Laughing.” When telling a joke, my main goal is to make myself laugh. Honestly, I think I’m hilarious. I don’t think many other people agree based on the fact that I’m usually the only person laughing.

What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?
I come from a family of pine-tree farmers.

What’s your favorite Atlanta summer activity?
Last Summer, I would have said my favorite activity had something to do with going to a lake outside the city. But this year, Atlanta United games have taken over my summer. I’ve played soccer my entire life and have waited 24 years to have an MLS team in this town!

What’s your dream vacation?
My dream vacation could be to 1 of 20 locations. All that matters is that I’d be able to stay in that place for over a month. Every time I’ve traveled somewhere for an extended amount of time, I always have a better time! The idea of going somewhere for a week doesn’t allow you the opportunity to meet people and learn about them. Going somewhere beautiful or exciting is great, but it never measures up to learning about someone who grew up in a different culture and situation than your own.