What is your role at Hothouse?
My official title is Technology Delivery Manager. I’m essentially the project manager of the tech department here at Hothouse. My duties include facilitating scoping, quality assurance, and timely delivery of our great work.

How long have you worked here?
Almost two years. That time is actually separated by a 10-year gap from 2006, when I was an Account Coordinator here, to 2016, when I came back as a Project Manager. When I left Hothouse to get experience at other companies, I maintained a close friendship with Jon. Through the years, we stayed in touch, and when I was job searching in 2016 Jon reached out about me rejoining the team. I enjoyed my time at Hothouse the first time around and knew it would be a smart decision to put myself back into this successful environment.

What are three qualities needed to do your job?
Adaptable: every day is different. We work with such a variety of clients and provide so many services that we need to be ready for anything. Detail oriented: I’m basically a marketer working in tech. I need to understand the technical details and be able to apply them to the agency side of the business. Forward-thinking: we’re always considering the client’s future in what we’re currently building for them.

What are the advantages of working at a small agency?
I get to put personalization into the work. Clients receive more than just service, they have visibility into our lives through our work and process. Each client relationship is treated as a branch of our family and cultivated with their future in mind.

Your out-of-town friend is visiting you in Atlanta, where do you take them?

The Beautiful. It’s a restaurant on the southwest side of town that specializes in home cooked goodness. It’s like the food my grandmother used to cook and eating there reminds me of home. I even take my mom there every time she visits Atlanta.

What is the best “non-intentional” exercise?

Walking the stairs. I know I’ve had a full day when the legs are burning.