What is your role at Hothouse?
I lead the team responsible for Finance (Accounting, Treasury, Fulfillment), HR (Payroll, Benefits, Policies) and Office Operations (everything from brewing coffee and trapping roof leaks to managing vendors and planning client meetings). I am lucky to have a department of smart, motivated women to help keep Hothouse running so efficiently.

How long have you worked here?
Three years and four months. I was three-months pregnant when I started here, which is a testament to Jon’s dedication toward his employees. It was a crazy time to start a new job, and an even crazier time to hire someone going on maternity leave shortly after joining the team. I’m incredibly grateful that he was willing to make the investment in me!

What was your very first job?
My first job was working at Sound Warehouse, which was ultimately acquired by Blockbuster and then essentially replaced by the Internet. I was in high school and got to spend all my work time stocking CDs, listening to and talking about music, and scoring concert tickets, cool posters, and similar swag. I even rented movies to the band Pantera one time! Long live the independent record store!!

You have a VIP lunch meeting and you’re choosing the place. Where do you go and what do you order?
This is SO NOT VIP, but it’s my chance to hype up my favorite Mexican restaurant: El Torero. You don’t go there for the atmosphere or the service, but daaaaaaaang they have the best cheese dip (I ask for extra spicy) and frozen margaritas (no salt on this rim). There was an El Torero where I went to college and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. Seriously though, it is NOT fancy, y’all!

What live music performance has been surprisingly good or disappointingly bad?
Music is my absolute favorite, and live shows are always the ultimate experience! One show that comes to mind within the last couple of years is Guns N’ Roses. I’m am a huge “hair metal” fan – mostly because this was the hot n’ heavy genre when I was an early teen. I saw them multiple times back in their prime, but I was unsure what to expect from this most recent tour since the band members were estranged for a long time… and a little older. I could easily relay a detailed, full show review, but I’ll keep it simple and say they sounded freakin’ perfect! Some of Axl’s close-ups on the jumbo-tron were less than flattering than what I remembered as a teen, but I can’t be a hater.

What movie do you most vividly remember watching in theaters?
Starman (1984). As a kid, I saw it with my mom or dad in the theatre and there was a sex scene. By sex scene I mean maybe some light kissing, but I was mortified.

What trend have you recently succumbed to?
Speaking in abbreviations. Hearing them drives me crazy, and then next thing I know one falls from my face. For instance, what’s the point in saying “rando?” It’s not any quicker or subtler than “random.” “Totes” grates my nerves, yet it occasionally slips in to my vernacular. “AF” makes sense because it’s a good option when some sensitivity is in order, but people still use it in conversations with plenty of other non-censored adult language.