Account Manager and soccer enthusiast Alex Cortina caught three matches on the road—one for Atlanta United in Ohio and two for the U.S. Men’s National Team in Colorado and Tennessee. It had been a GOOOOOOOOOOOAL of hers for a while (see what we did there?).

Sasha Von Hanna hit pause on project management and traveled to D.C. to catch an exhibit by her favorite artist, Yayoi Kusama. This is the third trip she’s taken to experience Kusama’s sensory journey.

Hiking, kayaking and fly fishing all over the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest is Jon Katinsky’s idea of an escape. But with two teenagers in tow, a trek into the city of Portland was also required. Turns out hipsters on fixie bikes are even scarier than Atlanta traffic.



VP of Tech Andy Harrison achieved the trifecta of life experiences in the sweet short span of a summer. He got engaged, bought a house and is expecting his first child. Congrats, Andy!

Jennie Askew, our Office Manager, completed an unguided 40-mile trek on horseback in the Colorado Flat Top Wilderness with her husband—further evidence that Jennie is the ultimate badass.

There were no horses on Stephen Weinstein’s vacation, but he did swim with penguins, sea lions and turtles. His two-week sail on a catamaran through the Galapagos Islands would make anyone jealous. Like yeah, we’re happy for you, but invite us next time, mmk?



Jay Cronin, SVP of Client Services, set sail in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs), utilizing the seaworthy skills he’d learned growing up. He also spent those 10 days disconnected from social media. Thank goodness, since Jay hasn’t stopped recounting how #blessed he was to experience these #nofilter moments.

The BVIs were trending this summer, because our Office Manager Raleigh Thornton hit up St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda, too for a grand family vacation celebrating her parents’ 30th anniversary.

Video Editor Roger Okamoto worked on a documentary featuring the Atlanta-based performance group Fly on a Wall. He interviewed the dancers and shot beaucoup de b-roll footage at artsy spots like MOCA, the High Museum and the Alliance Theater.



Amsterdam, Berlin, Salzburg, Prague and Munich were all on Austin Delk’s itinerary for his getaway. While in Austria, he and his wife took a cable car to the top of Untersberg, the escape route for the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music. For Austin, the hills were alive with terror due to his fear of heights.

Finally, ACD Ted Harbourt welcomed his second child, Teddy Jr.! Mom, baby and big sis are all doing well. Ted Sr. can’t wait to teach him everything he knows about classic cars, WWII fighter planes and chocolate chip cookies.