Each week, our interns will weigh in with their thoughts on topics ranging from millennial matters to their impressions of Atlanta. Check back often—you just might learn something.

06.23.17 – Week 3

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
What has surprised you about agency life?

I was surprised by how quickly I felt like part of the team. From day one, we were welcomed into a friendly environment by everyone in the office. Hothouse is a great place to learn and grow by working on real projects and adding actual value. Plus, visits from the office dog, Saki, are what get me out of bed every morning.


Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
If you had to watch one series for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?

Dragonball-Z. I can safely say this is one series I will never get tired of. Since age 7, this show has consistently been a part of my life and I have yet to grow tired of the constant action and suspense this anime brings. I actually prefer anime over live action series because of the attention-grabbing artwork, color and effects. The gripping story and character development have also done a good job of making me feel connected to the kickass Dragonball-Z brand.


Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern*
If you had to dub your generation something other than “Millennials,” what name would you bestow?

Inspired by Game of Thrones, I decree our generation as “The Screen’s Watch.” It seems like everything we do requires a screen and some form of staring, tapping or swiping. I believe the convenience and innovation of this tech enables us to produce great work, although at times it does hinder us from fully experiencing certain parts of life the older folk are calling “real.” Regardless, “I pledge my life and honor to the Screen’s Watch, for this screen and all the screens to come.”


Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
Would you rather have your Netflix viewing history made public or your Spotify listening history made public and why?

I’d be ok with either my Netflix or Spotify history going public. I think I have a cool taste in both music and TV/movies, so neither one would be too embarrassing. Besides, who hasn’t watched Parks & Rec three times through and listened to Michael Jackson for days at a time?


Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
What has surprised you about the city of Atlanta since you moved here for the summer?

How quickly Atlanta is growing. The amount of construction and cranes near my apartment is insane. Also, all the areas of Atlanta I hadn’t explored before living here have been a pleasant surprise. Ponce, The Beltline, Virginia Highlands, Inman Park and Cabbagetown are all areas I continue to explore and love. Atlanta is not what I expected – and I mean that in the best way. I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon.

*Not pictured: Nate Stegner, who was at his brother’s bachelor party. We foresee a lot of coffee in his Monday morning.



06.16.17 – Week 2

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
Would you rather give up watching TV for a year or listening to music for a year and why?

I’d most definitely give up watching TV for a year – I rarely watch it as is. But I don’t know how I’d cope with driving, cooking, walking, doing work or breathing in silence. Music motivates, inspires, and makes me think. (Now playing: Now or Never by Halsey)


Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What advice would you give to others considering applying for an internship?

Patience is key, because often times you’ll submit an application and not hear back. Remember, sometimes it takes a lot of rejections before you get a, “Yes! You are hired!” Keeping your contacts is also important. I spoke with multiple recruiters for other companies who insisted I keep them updated with my work. Since I now know people from these companies, I know who to contact and what they look for in applicants. Best of luck!


Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
Why do you think Atlanta is a great city for advertising and marketing?

The diversity. During my short time here in ATL, I’ve noticed how diverse the people, behavior, culture, and overall lifestyle has been. I think this is the ideal environment for advertising and marketing because it challenges you to effectively reach a variety of audiences. I come from a place where if you can reach a suburban Ohio State fan, you’ve effectively covered 90% of the market.


Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
What college course most prepared you for what you’ve encountered at Hothouse?

Honestly, only one course has really prepared me for Hothouse—a Human Computer Interaction (UX) course. My professor taught with hands-on work (not just reading from slides like all my other professors). We learned a lot about front-end development, and a group project about web design exposed us to programming languages Georgia State does not teach. I was an underclassman at the time, so seniors in my group were able to teach me a lot. I’m hoping to have similar guidance from the amazing tech team here at Hothouse.


Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
When the youth of 2099 look back at life in 2017, what do you think they will find most perplexing about the era and why?

Memes. I love memes and tag my friends in at least 10 memes per day. Although, I can’t help but wonder if future generations will look at memes and think they’re hilarious, ridiculous, stupid, or just won’t understand them at all. But for now I still love them.



06.09.17 – Week 1

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
What brands do a stellar job of connecting with millennials and why do you think they resonate so easily with that audience?

Lyft and Hellofresh know their target market well and capitalize on this to deliver fast and convenient services to millennials. Bumble has strong influencer marketing tactics that have normalized online dating to create a huge following on college campuses. Also, Revolve Clothing completely understands millennials. The website makes it incredibly easy to place an order within seconds. Social media tactics are on point. If I look at an item on their website, it will come up on my Instagram and Facebook along with other suggested items with the caption “it you love it, then buy it.” I think these brands do a great job trying to understand what millennials want and tailor their marketing efforts towards that.

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What was the interview process at Hothouse like and why do you think you were ultimately hired?

First, I had a phone interview with Roger, Hothouse’s Video Editor, and then two skype interviews with Ted and Alex. I really appreciated how accommodating the team was for letting me do skype interviews since I was in Savannah, Ga at the time and had no means of transportation! I really enjoy doing interviews because I get a better understanding of the company itself as well as the team atmosphere. After the interviews, I knew that the Hothouse atmosphere would be the right fit for me! I think I was ultimately hired because I have the skillsets to do the job and can be a Hothouse team player!

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern*
Would you rather gain 10 lbs or be banned from the Internet for a month and why?

Easy—gain 10 lbs. Why you ask? I’d still have access to the Internet. Google search “how to lose 10 lbs FAST.” Or more realistically “how to hide recent weight gain.”

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
Keeping up with the slang of the moment is hard. What’s your go-to word or phrase? Educate your elders as to how best to use.

My go-to word of choice is “dead.” Phrases I typically use with it are:

“That’s dead,” as in I’m not coming, it’s not gonna happen or I can’t do it.
YOU: Hey Kam, you wanna come skate today? ME: That’s dead

“I’m dead.” Used when something outrageously funny happens.
Example: I fall on a simple skate trick.  ME: “I’m dead.”

“Is it dead?” a.k.a. Is it worth coming to or has it ended?
YOU: Hey Kam, you wanna come to this party tonight? ME: “Is it dead?”

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
People outside of Atlanta don’t always understand the draw. What would you say to them to convince them to move here?

It’s a perfect combination of big city and cute historic houses. When I get closer to downtown, I feel like it’s a big city, but jump a couple of streets over and I feel like I’m transported back to Savannah. There are also some fun places to hang out like visiting Little Five Points for thrift store shopping and Krog Street Market for lunch. Next on my list is the Beltline.

*Not pictured: Nate Stegner, who after 3 days couldn’t take anymore of Nick Schittone’s puns and went back to Ohio. Just kidding, he’s sick.



06.05.17 Hothouse welcomes our summer interns

Hothouse has always invested in young talent, hiring interns on an as-needed basis over the course of our 19 years in business. In fact, five of our current employees started their relationships with us as interns. This year, we decided to step things up a bit. Modeling the structure after a successful program implemented by our west coast friends at Red Door Interactive, we conducted a nationwide search for candidates. We received 200+ applications and after two rounds of interviews, landed on our fabulous five. Meet them below and check back weekly for insights from them on their experience in the real world.

  • Kameron Hayes, Tech
  • Ana Vivoni, Art Director
  • Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor
  • Nate Stegner, Copywriter
  • Anna O’Neil, Account Service