Rent, bills, commitments, jobs, cars—you guys, adulting is hard. And no one knows this better than the generation-of-the-moment for marketers a.k.a. millennials. Georgia’s Own Credit Union (GOCU) saw that the stresses of this demo weighed heavily on their wallets. Their desires, goals and dreams often outpaced their ability to take on the financial responsibility of achieving these milestones. Thanks to GOCU’s scalable product bundles, millennials could take baby steps toward the future, without having to head to the khaki pants aisle immediately. Customers could choose from up to five products, ranging from opening a checking account to applying for a mortgage. The more products added, the greater the reward as each one earned them a $100 VISA® gift card.

To bring the offer to life, Hothouse created a tongue-in-cheek campaign acknowledging the targets’ spot in life, as they precariously walk the line between youth and adulthood. “Get It Together” used a fill-in-the-blank headline format and split-screen imagery to showcase how life could improve if your financial situation improved too. From social content to outdoor executions, the campaign let our millennials know that Georgia’s Own won’t make them grow up all at once. But their bundles allow them to adult a little and get it together in more ways than one.