Diving deep into healthcare

Before writing a word or designing a pixel, we needed to develop the foundation on which the new branding would be built. During an immersive, all-day workshop with key Colibrium stakeholders, we identified and streamlined their target audiences, uncovered competitive differentiators and pinpointed unique product benefits. Client interviews also gave us a peek inside the implementation process with successes and challenges providing equal insight. We arrived at the other end of this deep dive with a true understanding of the health plan landscape and a set of brand pillars that would serve as the road map for all deliverables moving forward.

Rebranded from the ground up

That’s what www.Colibrium.com is. Site map, UX, graphic design, photography, copy—you name it. The overall approach introduced a more confident voice, clearly presenting the key decision makers of prospective health plans, from the VP of Marketing to the VP of IT, with the unique selling propositions they could ladder up to the C-suite. In addition, the site connects with Colibrium’s CRM platform, delivering leads directly to sales reps for immediate follow-up. In addition, the new dot com serves as the ultimate recruitment tool, shining a bright light on the brains that are driving innovative health plan solutions.

Furthering the funnel

The brand was built online, but it’s flourishing elsewhere. Hothouse has already developed a series of sales collateral designed to drive prospect outreach. Other deliverables ranging from trade show materials to SEM campaigns continue to bolster Colibrium’s outreach to potential clients offering Individual, Group and Medicare plans. And as our bourgeoning relationship grows, we look forward to offering strategies and insights to help Colibrium remain at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of the health plan industry.