A Brand Update Tailored for the U.S. Market

We transformed the European-influenced brand into a U.S.-ready player with sales and marketing materials inspired by the gritty, competitive spirit—and diversity—of American sports. Bold, action photography and finely-tuned language painted GreenFields as the newest contender in the stateside synthetic turf landscape, with a strong heritage of innovation.

Making an Impact

By revamping sales kits to be more tactile and streamlined, potential customers could touch and feel GreenFields’ turf on the spot—while learning about product features and benefits. Our redesign created a memorable, hands-on first impression that appealed to key purchasing decision makers.

taking the pitch

To help introduce the GreenFields brand to their potential U.S. customer base for synthetic turf, sports-specific conventions and industry trade shows were targeted with engaging displays (featuring oversized graphics) that built buzz and awareness for the newest U.S. turf heavyweight.