The Ingredients for a Mobile Rebrand

Consumers in search of Springer Mountain Farms are driven by one thing—hunger. So, whether they’re looking for recipe ideas or trying to locate a nearby Springer partner restaurant, the search is often performed on-the-go and thus on a mobile device. Our mobile site overhaul involved everything from copy, content, photography and most importantly, responsive design—so that the site is served up perfectly across all devices.


Activating the Aisles

Our easy-to-navigate site makes finding content incredibly easy—even while shopping or cooking. In fact, QR codes located on packages of Springer Mountain Farms automatically direct shoppers back to the site when scanned to serve up tips, recipes and other content, creating opportunities for deeper brand immersion. By providing additional reasons to add the product to their shopping list, the mobile site helps to deliver even more sales.


Livestream Demos Drive Demand

Fresh. Appetizing. Satisfying. Springer Mountain Farms takes this approach with not only their food, but also with content. That’s why we offered up a dish best served live—cooking demos featuring Atlanta’s top chefs exclusively available via the mobile site through the Livestream video platform. Through a targeted media buy, as well as amplification via Chef and restaurant social pages, visitors are driven to the site for a recipe play-by-play, the star ingredient being Springer Mountain Farms chicken, naturally. As an added benefit to partner Chefs, viewers are provided with a special coupon at the conclusion of the Livestream, which they can redeem that evening at the featured restaurant, driving instant customer conversions.