Picturing a premiere

In anticipation of The Last Ship series premiere, we created an experience that would connect consumers to the show’s post-apocalyptic drama on a personal level. So, we asked: if a deadly virus hit in real life, what object would you preserve to best represent humanity? Fans responded by uploading photos via Instagram to our digital Time Capsule.


Between our Season One Instagram activation and an additional promotion driving TV Everywhere views, we reached over 979,000 fans. Our engagement strategy paid off: the chart-topping debut of The Last Ship garnered the most viewers of any 2014 premiere.

More than marketing

As Season Two neared, we knew that the show would bring in big numbers—so we decided to make a big difference. Our 2015 promotion, Spread the Cure, donated $1 to the USO for every special The Last Ship image shared on social media. The network has already renewed the series for a third season, so we know we haven’t seen the last of its success.