For our new client, CAN Capital, their objective is crystal clear—help small businesses succeed. But this isn’t just something they say, it’s something they put into action. Heading into the holiday season, it can be stressful for a small biz, so CAN Capital wanted to reward as many of them as possible and our job was to figure out how. Take the Reins Sweepstakes invited entrepreneurs to dream big with $5,000 and identify what would help them most moving into 2016—an essential item (like fresh inventory or new computers) or expert advice in the form of an assessment call and custom business plan. Thanks to an integrated and highly targeted social media and email campaign, we’ve gotten a great response so far from businesses across the country like the apparel shop owner wants to Take the Reins by purchasing quality samples to show buyers. Or a takeout restaurateur that’s wishing for a laptop to keep track of invoicing and billing. Keep an eye out for an update in late January where we’ll be unveiling the winners and their reactions, which are sure to be anything but small.