For most of us, middle school was the Mecca of awkwardness and uncertainty. Not much has changed over the years, and with technology and social media added to the mix, things can get even tougher. Girl Talk, a nonprofit organization founded in Georgia, connects middle school girls with those who understand these problems better than anyone—high school girls who’ve been there, done that. This win-win scenario also creates leadership opportunities for the high school mentors who are responsible for starting chapters, setting meeting agendas, moderating discussions and honing problem-solving skills.

Content is crucial to growing the brand – even beyond its already impressive reach of 450+ chapters and 60,000+ girls served – because it’s the most effective way to fully capture the power of this organization. Viewers will be able to feel why they should get involved with this incredible program and hear first-hand how Girl Talk has impacted participants’ lives. These emotionally gripping videos will effectively recruit young girls to join the program, as well as secure donations and new sponsors.