With a mission to empower youth in underserved communities by providing access to soccer programs, Soccer in the Streets recently brought a bold vision to life in the city of Atlanta with the launch of ‘Station Soccer” at the Five Points MARTA Station — the first soccer field to be built inside the perimeter of a major urban transit station in the world.

“One of the biggest barriers by far to kids adopting this sport in urban neighborhoods is the transportation issue. They can’t get to games or get to practice,” Executive Director Phil Hill said. “We believe by working through transit hubs like railway stations and using them as a vehicle to get the kids between practices and games we solve that issue. So, why not build a soccer field on a train station rooftop?”

To share how this ambitious project came to be — and to showcase the amazing work Soccer in the Streets is doing in Atlanta –  the organization turned to the Hothouse brand storytelling team to help bring the “Station Soccer” tale to life.

Working with board members, coaches, volunteers and parents from the organization, we shot and produced a compelling video that could be shared on social media, and also used as a tool to introduce the organization and its projects to corporate sponsors and city planners (Soccer in the Streets  has ambitions to execute nine additional transit station “pitches” in the future).

“I’ve worked closely with Soccer in the Streets in my spare time for many years and it’s been a joy to watch the organization grow,” Account Manager Alex Cortina said. “To be able to lend our agency’s creative resources and talent for such an incredible cause was really important to the team – it’s projects like this that make me proud to work at Hothouse.”

The complex Soccer in the Streets “Station Soccer” project was subsidized with participation from visionary partners that included MLS professional soccer club, Atlanta United, and sports turf manufacturer GreenFields USA.  Land for the project was donated by the City of Atlanta’s mass transit organization, MARTA.

“Working on this video was such an enriching experience for me,” Editor and Producer Roger Okamoto said. “There were so many beautiful moments that speak volumes about Soccer in the Streets. I look forward to seeing Station Soccer grow and being part of their future initiatives.”

“The crazy idea’s never crazy when everyone starts to believe in it,” Hill said.

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