This summer, we launched our inaugural Internship Program to help six savvy millennials gain some valuable experience in the agency world. Instead of opting for semiprofessional coffee fetchers, we sifted through a sea of outstanding applicants and selected one qualified intern per department. With an Art Director, Copywriter, Account Manager, New Business, Tech, and Video intern in place, all the necessary pieces were assembled for this tight-knit team.

The fast-paced, ever-changing nature of our business provided the perfect environment for sink-or-swim learning opportunities. We mentored our interns through this variety of projects, while also learning a few things from them. They became an integral part of their respective departments contributing to client work, new business pitches, research, sweepstakes fulfillment and more.

For their final project, they were tasked with combining their skillsets to function as somewhat of a mini-agency. We (the client) were looking for a recruitment tool that would show people our culture, staff, and general vibe of our unique office. Everything we expected was specified in the creative brief they developed, and the project was kept in focus through internal reviews. All their experiences and impressions they soaked in during this intensive nine-week program came to life in their representation of Hothouse’s culture. Thank you, Ana, Anna, Kameron, Karley, Nate, and Nicole! Please don’t be strangers—you’re welcome back at Hothouse any time. Especially if you want to bring us coffee.