There’s a saying that goes “everyone is in marketing.” And while classically trained marketing professionals might not readily admit it, there is a kernel of truth in this statement. When working with an external agency to develop a campaign, it’s important to remember your internal resources—your employees.

Employees and other internal audiences are key ambassadors and stakeholders of your brand, and its success ultimately depends on them. Not only do they represent your brand to your customers, but they have vast online and offline social networks that can be used to positively or negatively influence it.

When an agency like Hothouse develops a marketing campaign for your company, it’s important for your employees to understand and embrace what you are doing, why you are doing it and what results you are trying to achieve. Employees are more satisfied, more productive and more committed when they are in the know about the campaign initiatives your company is undertaking.  They know when the brand is living up to its claims and promises, or when something is not quite right. They can be your greatest ambassadors if you let them (or your worst if you keep them in the dark).

Arm them with information and talking points before your marketing efforts go live to the world, and they can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget. Tools such as Bambu by Sprout Social, local market events, streaming video, intranet, e-mail, hot sheets, webcasts, posters, and even office trivia can be used to get the message out. When an ad campaign is ready to launch, use these tools to spread the word to your employees, and encourage them to share the campaign on social media.

Involving your employees should not be a one-time tactic. Whether informally or formally, it’s important to develop an ongoing internal communications plan that answers the following questions:

  1. What key messages do you want to communicate?
  2. What’s the best approach to reach the audience?
  3. How will you know if you’ve gotten through to them?

Great results can be achieved when employees are involved at the very onset of a campaign. Through surveys and brainstorming sessions, employees can help substantiate strategic platforms and positioning, enhance brand stories, gain insights of the brand at its best, and define what makes the brand stand out from competitors. This active involvement on the front-end will result in tremendous pride, enthusiasm, and ownership on the back-end.