On the scale of Line Chef to Iron Chef, where would you fall? Do you consider yourself a master of all things culinary…or are you more of a “let’s order takeout” kind of meal-planner? To get viewers excited about the new season of Food Network’s Iron Chef Showdown, we tested their skills with the launch of a mobile-first interactive hub, “Iron Chef Showdown Countdown”.

The mobile-first interface aided in the overall success of the project by providing a seamless experience in entering a multi-prize sweepstakes, taking a quiz and sharing results to social media. By connecting the dots between incentive, engagement and user journey, the mobile-led experience achieved an impressive number of unique site visits of nearly 160,000 visitors and more than 150,000 sweepstakes entries. The mobile platform also led in quiz engagements with 43% of all mobile participants taking the quiz more than once, while only 14% of desktop participants opted to retake the quiz.

The development and management of the sweepstakes, interactive quiz element, full site design and creation of graphics and copy rounded out the mobile-first initiative that allowed for Hothouse to succeed in cooking up excitement around the newest season of Iron Chef Showdown.