Atlanta loves festivals, but there’s one in particular we at Hothouse hold close to our hearts. Our very own VP of Technology, Andy Harrison, combines his two greatest passions, technology and hip-hop, as he leads an intrepid team to produce the A3C Festival and Conference. Andy provides oversight and direction for our tech team to implement digital solutions that help our clients reach their marketing goals—the same solutions that enable his A3C staff to pull off one of the biggest events in the city.

The amount of data organization, scheduling, contract generation, marketing and updates to the public requires more than just a well-organized spreadsheet. A3C is a five-day event that combines a three-day conference and a two-day outdoor music festival. The conference includes sessions dedicated to activism, marketing, the music industry and business, while the festival features breakout acts and old school favorites performing across multiple stages. The A3C team books more than 800 speakers and artists, and more than 250 panels, meetups, breakouts and showcases that take place over the course of five days. And what’s the key to managing such large amount of data? Smart technology.

Custom CRM integrations from Hubspot and the festival’s mobile app keep every single data point synchronized and updated. For example, when an artist is booked, a contract is automatically generated and sent to the artist, who digitally signs. This will trigger a digital media workflow for that particular artist. They can self-supply and upload bios, be added to the schedule and website, get marketing materials and more, all done automatically and remotely.

A3C uses digitally-powered audience analytics and segmentation in email marketing, paid social campaigns, and lead generation and event-based marketing strategies. Technology even enables the team to implement fast, on-the-spot schedule changes up until the day of the conference.

This automation does the same thing for our clients that it does for A3C: it works to save money and manpower, allowing the team to concentrate on making the most engaging experience possible. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go grab our badges.