Each week, our interns will weigh in with their thoughts on topics ranging from millennial matters to their impressions of Atlanta. Check back often—you just might learn something.

07.28.17 – Week 8

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern

What preconceived notion about Millennials do you feel is incorrect? Now’s your chance to set the record straight.

The most frusterating part about being a millennial is the stereotyping. Yes, I am aware of all the criticism we receive, and yes, some millennials truly are lazy, entitled, selfish people who will achieve little in life. That is not what the majority of millennials are. Every generation has their underachievers, ours are just being brought into the new spotlight of relentless media. Statistical data shows that we are on track to being just as successful as Gen Xers and Boomers. I’m not going to sit here and claim we’re better, but I’m also not going to sit here and be told we’re the worst.

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern

A-Town, the 404, the ATL—Atlanta has many cherished nicknames. If you had to pitch a new one to the Board of Tourism, what would it be and why?

It sounds simple, but I would pitch the name “New Atlanta.” I keep hearing how Atlanta is constantly growing due to the rejuvenation of certain areas. The Beltline can take credit for a lot of these improvements because it’s a great way for people to access parts of the city they’ve never explored. This increasing accessibility and familiarity is bringing ATLiens closer together, building a happier, friendlier, New Atlanta.

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern

Would you rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media and why?

Siyonara search engines! Social media has become a convenient, useful way of staying up to date with the news and other current events. If anything relevant happens, it will be all over my feeds in seconds. Plus, if I really needed to look up something using a search engine, I could have a friend do it and DM me via social media!

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern

Mad Men isn’t always 100%. What did you think working in an agency would be like vs. the reality?

That’s funny because whenever I tell people I’m working at an ad agency, 90% of the time they bring up Mad Men. I was worried it would be a slightly selfish environment where every person was out for themselves. Instead I found a group of supportive, friendly coworkers. My experience with Hothouse has opened my eyes to how great working with a close knit group of people can be.

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern

How do you feel about how millennials’ reputation? What’s spot on and what’s hype?

I feel some of the notions regarding millennials are spot on, like us burying our faces into screens, losing real life social skills, etc. However, there are also positive notions that are drowning under all the negativity. For instance, the notion that millennials are more worried about followers than trying to be successful is common, but the reality is many of us are hungry for success and work relentlessly to earn it. Some of the brightest millennials don’t care about their reputation or followers because they are too busy scheming greatness. Too many people are sleeping on us as a generation. All I say to that is, “stay tuned.”



07.21.17 – Week 7

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
What exact age do you consider to be “old” and why? What do you think you’ll be doing once you get there?

I don’t consider getting old to be an age but more of a period in your life. Like when I started paying bills, I could feel my hair turning grey. Sometimes I miss having zero responsibilities, but the independence and accomplishments you earn as an adult outweigh having a curfew.

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What websites do you visit most often and why?

The websites I visit most often would be Behance, Vimeo, and Pinterest. I use these websites to know what motion graphic and illustration styles are trending, and also to keep up with emerging artists and designers. Behance and Vimeo are sites where I can post my work for others to see. For Pinterest, I have an endless amount of boards I pin from food recipes to décor!

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
Would you rather gain 10 friends in real life or 10,000 followers on Instagram and why?

Gain 10 friends in real life because I would have more to post about! I value real life connections much more than random follows on social media. Although, if it were 20,000 followers I could become a micro influencer and make some serious cash for posting pictures of free stuff. Talk to me when you’re ready to negotiate.

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
What are you hoping to learn during your summer internship?

Since the internship is approaching it’s last week, it’s not what I’m hoping to learn but what I have learned. I’ve learned numerous things a Hothouse in this brief period, ranging from the best coding practices to scoping out an entire project. I’m very grateful to have had exposure to the coding world and the business world as well. I can now see how they both are equally important in this industry.

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
From Baton Bob to Chef Kevin Rathbun, Atlanta has its share of local celebrities. Who is your favorite and why?

I’m a big fan of Atlanta’s music, specifically the rap scene. 2 Chainz, Migos, Gucci Mane, Playboi Carti, the list goes on and on. Out of them all, 2 Chainz is hands down my favorite. He is one of the most creative artists in the game and is also a music marketing genius. His most recent album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, features a pink house on the cover. So, 2 Chainz rented out a house in Atlanta, painted it bubblegum pink, and opened it up to the public for listening parties and merch sales. The “trap” house was also a community safe place offering HIV screenings, church services, and “paint and sip” events. In my opinion, this is the most creative experiential marketing idea to ever come from a rap artist.



07.14.17 – Week 6

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What skill do you think you’ve improved since starting on day 1?

My ability to tighten up edits has improved since day 1. After spending time with Hothouse editor, Roger, and seeing his approach to video editing, my work has become more concise and I can tell stories more effectively. Not only can I use this skill as a video editor, but also as a motion designer to make awesomely captivating creations.

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
Would you rather lose all your contacts or lose $500 and why?

If you would’ve asked me this 6 months ago I would’ve said lose the contacts. Then one day over spring break I was out boating and my phone decided to go for a swim in the bottom of a lake. My contacts weren’t backed up and losing everyone’s contact was a nightmare. Between randomly needing to contact random people and annoying your friends with “hey can you send me so and so’s number,” $500 seems like a very reasonable fee to not endure that again.

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
It’s time to confess. What’s something that older folks do or say that makes you want to be like, just don’t?

It grinds my gears when older folks talk down upon my generation’s music. “You know back in my day music really meant something” is what I hear a lot from relatives, managers at my other job, and random people on Marta. In my mind I’m saying, “just don’t.” A lot of this generation’s music is an alien concept to older folks because they either can’t relate to the stories being told or are too stubborn to try.

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
What has it been like growing up with the constant presence of technology? Describe the positives and negatives.

Positives: Information on anything is right at our fingertips. This keeps us informed, efficient and savvy. Also, there’s an app for everything from getting directions to learning a language. Negatives: Too much information can lead to info overload. We also have to multitask because so much is always happening at once. In the end, I believe the positives outweigh the negatives. I respect the people who had to learn by going to this so called “library,” but I would much rather enjoy the Internet’s infinite information from the comfort of my own home.

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
What are your favorite hot spots in Atlanta that your older, less cool coworkers would never know about?

I personally like Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium because it’s a weird and funny bar. Joystick Gamebar is also great because drinking and games are a classic combonation. My co-interns and I also love Prickly Pear for $2 tacos on Taco Tuesdays.



07.07.17 – Week 5

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
Twitter, Insta, Snap, WhatsApp—tomorrow there’ll be another app to step up into the spotlight. Which one do you think will stand the test of time and why?

I think that Snapchat will stand the test of time. Other apps are copying some of Snapchat’s features such as stories, geo filters and more. Snapchat is also one of the first apps to successfully utilize augmented reality with real-time effects, using face detection technology and adding elements into any scenery. It will be interesting to see the future of Snap and how they will continue to innovate the social media world.

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
What apps are the kids using these days that marketers are in the dark about?

Two apps come to mind; Venmo and Groupme. Venmo is a money sharing app that allows you to link up your checking account so you can digitally pay your friends back for the pizza you split. Groupme is simply a group messaging app and it’s the most common form of group communication on my campus. Neither app has any trace of marketing within them, which might be the reason they’re so popular amongst millennials. I feel that if companies could infuse ads that truly benefits the users, such as the ability to pay restaurants via Venmo, exclusive deals, etc., then maybe they could earn the millennial stamp of approval.

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
What do you think Atlanta has to offer to the Millennial generation?

I believe Atlanta has a lot to offer the Millennial Generation. The youth have a plethora of work opportunities for traditional and non-traditional jobs alike. Atlanta has also become the place to be for many people in creative fields like film, music, graphic design and more. Since Atlanta is somewhat small, it’s easy to network and find people with mutual interests. With such a variety of people, you’re bound to find someone you’ll want to connect with. In my opinion, Atlanta is shaping to become a new California (with all the traffic and diversity but without the beaches).

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
Would you rather give your parents control over your Tinder account or have them reply to all your texts and why?

They could have a field day with my tinder account because it’s just a bunch of people I don’t know. If they were texting my friends or coworkers, we might have some problems. And by problems I mean outdated slang, bewilderingly random emoji usage, and baby pictures that should never leave the scrapbook.

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
Starting at an agency can be intimidating. What were you nervous about on Day 1?

This is my first time working at an agency and my first time working in an account services role. I was worried I wouldn’t understand a lot of the agency lingo. The whole process was new to me but all of the department overview meetings helped define the process and most of the terms. The hospitable Hothouse family has made sure I’m never lost or confused, and I’m excited to continue learning!

Karley Mason, New Business Intern

We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the intern team, Karley. Upon being asked to describe her first week in three words she confidently replied, “I can do it in two. Wonderfully Welcoming.” Happy to have you on board, Karley!



06.30.17 – Week 4

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
What piece of wisdom has your manager bestowed upon you that you’ve found most valuable?

My amazing manager, Sarah O’Bryan, has given me so much guidance on how to survive in the agency world. Early on, Sarah enlightened me on the benefits of taking as many notes as possible. As a copywriter, this has been especially helpful because I’m responsible for presenting many of the brilliant ideas developed here at Hothouse. Taking thorough notes ensures I don’t miss a beat, although sometimes I have to write so quickly my sloppy handwritten scribbles need to be interpreted by a 1st grade teacher.


Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
Would you rather be in a real-life version of The Walking Dead or a real-life version of Game of Thrones and why?

I would rather be in a real life version of the Walking Dead. It would be fun to wake up and go kill off a few zombies with my friends (blame this fantasy on Call of Duty’s “Zombies” game). My friends and I would always talk about “what if” scenarios like this. I wouldn’t have to stress about rent or school anymore, just offing zombies one by one. Plus, the zombies in walking dead are slow moving, unlike zombies in resident evil or world war Z, so they would be very easy to manage.


Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
How do you watch TV these days? Live? On Demand? Streaming? What’s TV? You tell us.

Mostly Netflix. I haven’t had cable in 4 years and honestly.. I don’t miss it. Anything I could watch on cable I can find online via Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Plus, as long as I have wifi, I can watch it anywhere, any time. I love the future.


Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
Brands are trying to use social to connect with younger audiences. What could they do that would catch your attention that they aren’t doing now?

Brands need to do a better job of understanding Millennials. Original content and interactive content are usually the most effective in targeting millennials. I have the highest affinity towards brands who have their own Snapchat story, are active on Instagram, and/or post original content I can relate to. In my opinion, Brands who partner with micro influencers do a better job of targeting millenieals than major celebrity endorsements or mainstream ads. I’ll pay more for brands that I trust and have a connection with. This connection can come from original content, philanthropic affiliations, or even relatable micro-influencers. Whatever it is, we millennials love brands we can trust, and we can smell phoniness from a mile away.


Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What’s your favorite Atlanta memory since you’ve started your temporary residence here?

My favorite Atlanta memory is my boyfriend visiting me over the 4th of July weekend. We saw most of the touristy attractions such as the High Museum of Art, the Coca-Cola Museum, and the Georgia Aquarium. The funniest part of the weekend was trying to pick him up from the Atlanta Airport. He was flying in from Canada, and apparently the international and domestic terminals are on opposite sides of the earth. Long story short, it took us over an hour to find each other.



06.23.17 – Week 3

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
What has surprised you about agency life?

I was surprised by how quickly I felt like part of the team. From day one, we were welcomed into a friendly environment by everyone in the office. Hothouse is a great place to learn and grow by working on real projects and adding actual value. Plus, visits from the office dog, Saki, are what get me out of bed every morning.


Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
If you had to watch one series for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?

Dragonball-Z. I can safely say this is one series I will never get tired of. Since age 7, this show has consistently been a part of my life and I have yet to grow tired of the constant action and suspense this anime brings. I actually prefer anime over live action series because of the attention-grabbing artwork, color and effects. The gripping story and character development have also done a good job of making me feel connected to the kickass Dragonball-Z brand.


Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern*
If you had to dub your generation something other than “Millennials,” what name would you bestow?

Inspired by Game of Thrones, I decree our generation as “The Screen’s Watch.” It seems like everything we do requires a screen and some form of staring, tapping or swiping. I believe the convenience and innovation of this tech enables us to produce great work, although at times it does hinder us from fully experiencing certain parts of life the older folk are calling “real.” Regardless, “I pledge my life and honor to the Screen’s Watch, for this screen and all the screens to come.”


Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
Would you rather have your Netflix viewing history made public or your Spotify listening history made public and why?

I’d be ok with either my Netflix or Spotify history going public. I think I have a cool taste in both music and TV/movies, so neither one would be too embarrassing. Besides, who hasn’t watched Parks & Rec three times through and listened to Michael Jackson for days at a time?


Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
What has surprised you about the city of Atlanta since you moved here for the summer?

How quickly Atlanta is growing. The amount of construction and cranes near my apartment is insane. Also, all the areas of Atlanta I hadn’t explored before living here have been a pleasant surprise. Ponce, The Beltline, Virginia Highlands, Inman Park and Cabbagetown are all areas I continue to explore and love. Atlanta is not what I expected – and I mean that in the best way. I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon.

*Not pictured: Nate Stegner, who was at his brother’s bachelor party. We foresee a lot of coffee in his Monday morning.



06.16.17 – Week 2

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
Would you rather give up watching TV for a year or listening to music for a year and why?

I’d most definitely give up watching TV for a year – I rarely watch it as is. But I don’t know how I’d cope with driving, cooking, walking, doing work or breathing in silence. Music motivates, inspires, and makes me think. (Now playing: Now or Never by Halsey)


Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What advice would you give to others considering applying for an internship?

Patience is key, because often times you’ll submit an application and not hear back. Remember, sometimes it takes a lot of rejections before you get a, “Yes! You are hired!” Keeping your contacts is also important. I spoke with multiple recruiters for other companies who insisted I keep them updated with my work. Since I now know people from these companies, I know who to contact and what they look for in applicants. Best of luck!


Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern
Why do you think Atlanta is a great city for advertising and marketing?

The diversity. During my short time here in ATL, I’ve noticed how diverse the people, behavior, culture, and overall lifestyle has been. I think this is the ideal environment for advertising and marketing because it challenges you to effectively reach a variety of audiences. I come from a place where if you can reach a suburban Ohio State fan, you’ve effectively covered 90% of the market.


Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
What college course most prepared you for what you’ve encountered at Hothouse?

Honestly, only one course has really prepared me for Hothouse—a Human Computer Interaction (UX) course. My professor taught with hands-on work (not just reading from slides like all my other professors). We learned a lot about front-end development, and a group project about web design exposed us to programming languages Georgia State does not teach. I was an underclassman at the time, so seniors in my group were able to teach me a lot. I’m hoping to have similar guidance from the amazing tech team here at Hothouse.


Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
When the youth of 2099 look back at life in 2017, what do you think they will find most perplexing about the era and why?

Memes. I love memes and tag my friends in at least 10 memes per day. Although, I can’t help but wonder if future generations will look at memes and think they’re hilarious, ridiculous, stupid, or just won’t understand them at all. But for now I still love them.



06.09.17 – Week 1

Anna O’Neil, Account Service Intern
What brands do a stellar job of connecting with millennials and why do you think they resonate so easily with that audience?

Lyft and Hellofresh know their target market well and capitalize on this to deliver fast and convenient services to millennials. Bumble has strong influencer marketing tactics that have normalized online dating to create a huge following on college campuses. Also, Revolve Clothing completely understands millennials. The website makes it incredibly easy to place an order within seconds. Social media tactics are on point. If I look at an item on their website, it will come up on my Instagram and Facebook along with other suggested items with the caption “it you love it, then buy it.” I think these brands do a great job trying to understand what millennials want and tailor their marketing efforts towards that.

Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor Intern
What was the interview process at Hothouse like and why do you think you were ultimately hired?

First, I had a phone interview with Roger, Hothouse’s Video Editor, and then two skype interviews with Ted and Alex. I really appreciated how accommodating the team was for letting me do skype interviews since I was in Savannah, Ga at the time and had no means of transportation! I really enjoy doing interviews because I get a better understanding of the company itself as well as the team atmosphere. After the interviews, I knew that the Hothouse atmosphere would be the right fit for me! I think I was ultimately hired because I have the skillsets to do the job and can be a Hothouse team player!

Nate Stegner, Copywriter Intern*
Would you rather gain 10 lbs or be banned from the Internet for a month and why?

Easy—gain 10 lbs. Why you ask? I’d still have access to the Internet. Google search “how to lose 10 lbs FAST.” Or more realistically “how to hide recent weight gain.”

Kameron Hayes, Tech Intern
Keeping up with the slang of the moment is hard. What’s your go-to word or phrase? Educate your elders as to how best to use.

My go-to word of choice is “dead.” Phrases I typically use with it are:

“That’s dead,” as in I’m not coming, it’s not gonna happen or I can’t do it.
YOU: Hey Kam, you wanna come skate today? ME: That’s dead

“I’m dead.” Used when something outrageously funny happens.
Example: I fall on a simple skate trick.  ME: “I’m dead.”

“Is it dead?” a.k.a. Is it worth coming to or has it ended?
YOU: Hey Kam, you wanna come to this party tonight? ME: “Is it dead?”

Ana Vivoni, Art Director Intern
People outside of Atlanta don’t always understand the draw. What would you say to them to convince them to move here?

It’s a perfect combination of big city and cute historic houses. When I get closer to downtown, I feel like it’s a big city, but jump a couple of streets over and I feel like I’m transported back to Savannah. There are also some fun places to hang out like visiting Little Five Points for thrift store shopping and Krog Street Market for lunch. Next on my list is the Beltline.

*Not pictured: Nate Stegner, who after 3 days couldn’t take anymore of Nick Schittone’s puns and went back to Ohio. Just kidding, he’s sick.



06.05.17 Hothouse welcomes our summer interns

Hothouse has always invested in young talent, hiring interns on an as-needed basis over the course of our 19 years in business. In fact, five of our current employees started their relationships with us as interns. This year, we decided to step things up a bit. Modeling the structure after a successful program implemented by our west coast friends at Red Door Interactive, we conducted a nationwide search for candidates. We received 200+ applications and after two rounds of interviews, landed on our fabulous five. Meet them below and check back weekly for insights from them on their experience in the real world.

  • Kameron Hayes, Tech
  • Ana Vivoni, Art Director
  • Nicole Clarizio, Video Editor
  • Nate Stegner, Copywriter
  • Anna O’Neil, Account Service