The youth soccer community is vast—over 3 million youth soccer players were registered in the U.S. last year—and they’re hungry for more than orange slices. And that’s where Match Fit comes in. By connecting healthy families with healthy brands at the soccer field, Match Fit transforms high-traffic soccer complexes across the country and promotes a single message: better nutrition fuels better performance on the field.

Here’s the play: Combining experiential and digital, Match Fit meets the audience where they’re at, exposing them to healthy eating advice from their favorite top pro players. A branded interactive vehicle makes game and retail stops, bringing with it live physical challenges, sponsor brand sampling, and an engaging nutritional message. Plus, the Match Fit app delivers personalized nutritional advice to help young athletes perform at the top of their game.

We’re actively seeking sponsors for the Spring 2016 season—so if your health-conscious brand has a desire to drive sales and equity through a breakthrough, cross-platform program, give us a call.

Nick Schittone

VP, Business Development

(404) 223-5100, ext. 103