This year’s installment of Digital Summit Atlanta brought together the digital marketing leaders who Get. It. Done. And Hothouse was there for two days of inspiration, information and a little perspiration (it was hot, y’all.) With keynote speakers like Scott Dikkers, founder of The Onion, we knew were in for a unique perspective on brand storytelling, digital marketing and customer experience. Here’s what we learned:

Be yourself.
This is advice we hear at every marketing conference, but Dikkers really drives home how brands can grow based on standing for something beyond their product benefits. Throughout the years, The Onion has received (a lot of) cease and desist letters and defamation lawsuits. But did they back down? Heck no, they doubled down, because they’re known for being outrageous. Your brand can be outrageous too—just take a stand, and tell your story honestly.

IRL is the new frontier in digital.
Face-to-face yields results the digital space just can’t touch. Influencers gonna influence online, but their power is best harnessed in person, according to Juanika Cuthbertson of Ladypreneur. She noted that Rhianna’s Fenty launch succeeded because it brought beauty bloggers together with the brand—and with Rhianna—in person at exclusive VIP parties. Positive interaction creates affinity, and that’s the Holy Grail of attracting customers in the digital age.

Make your Twitter presence more like Wendy’s.
No, really. Every single presenter brought up Wendy’s as an example of a successful brand voice execution, and suggested that we find ways to make our social media content more relatable. You know, more like what Wendy’s is doing. Whether you work in healthcare, analytics, engineering, or any number of “serious” enterprises, you can have a unique, engaging voice. (Or you can just let your social media manager have carte blanch to roast your competitors.)

We’re in a golden age of podcasts.
According to Randi Zuckerberg—yes, that Zuckerberg—73 million people listen to podcasts monthly, but there are only about 700,000 podcasts out there. There simply aren’t enough podcasts to satisfy the hunger. Take this opportunity to create an audio strategy around your longform content, humanize your brand, and even garner fans. Go ahead, create a podcast. Bring on diverse guests and talk about your industry in a passionate, informative way.