The initiative launched 11 dynamically-fed, World Cup content hubs customized for FOX Sports distribution partners, offering features that allowed viewers to curate their experience, connect and be a part of the action.

Fans could download the schedule, check on group standings, watch clips and highlights, all in one place. The hub also allowed users to sign up for match reminders to be sent directly to them—driving them to watch live on Fox Sports GO. With live daytime matches, the majority of fans will be tuning in via their desktop, tablet and smartphones, and the hub’s responsive design performed at a world-class level across all their devices.

A unique social integration encouraged fans to “fly their flag,” allowing users to create a page theme matching featuring any of the 32 national teams’ country flags. We created shareable quizzes, articles and listicles to give fans the need-to-know facts about teams from around the world, which amplify social impact via Twitter and Facebook.

For one high-profile national partner, we enhanced customer retention by creating an exclusive digital experience: an irreverent, interactive quiz to help newbie soccer fans determine which team they should cheer for. Not only did the quiz promote additional enagement, but it also provided additional opportunities for social media shares.

With the 2018 World Cup expected to break global viewing records worldwide, the Fox Sports content hub ensured that U.S. fans would have unprecedented access to the tournament’s biggest stories, teams and coverage.