The first step in this journey was to start thinking about how to confound the expectations of consumers who were set to witness the unavoidable distraction of the property’s enhancement. Traditionally a construction zone is flanked by barricades that are apologetic and uninteresting in nature, however we saw it as an opportunity to craft a storytelling approach by creating a series of bold, brash transformation themed graphics and messaging.

General Manager of Atlantic Station, Barbara Garrett said, “In our first phase of activities, Hothouse has pushed our team to think of ourselves as the challengers we are. The barricades kickoff what we hope will be a long-term relationship between Hines, Morgan Stanley and Hothouse, an alliance formed to bring Atlanta a new narrative around our little neighborhood—one that the city can be proud of.”

With the barricades we have planted the seeds that have started to articulate the differentiators that will elevate the community, tell a more emotional story that will change the way the community is thinking of the property. We will continue to infuse a sense of destination over location, discovery over transaction and highlight the future experiences that are vital features of the evolution of the property. We are inviting people to become part of the 30363 as the heart, soul and authenticity that will move the Atlantic Station community into a living, breathing, ever-changing “place to be”. As progress continues, we are certain people will take memorable experiences away from it and discover a sense of belonging they never knew they could find.