A communications giant connects with small business owners

Once a small startup itself (as a subsidiary of Comcast), Comcast Business has grown to become one of the leading distributors of internet, phone and cable television to small businesses owners. Seeking to provide these potential customers with a fresh look at who Comcast Business is, the client turned to Hothouse to develop a collateral campaign that would reinforce the company’s standing as a provider that understands the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.

Hothouse developed a comprehensive communications strategy designed to reinforce Comcast Business’s commitment to small businesses success. Throughout 2017, Hothouse planned local events and mixers that brought small business owners and members of the community together, supporting Comcast representatives in driving business leads via designing creative templates and writing copy for a series of referral emails.

In Fall 2017, Hothouse introduced a “Small Business Saturday Survival Guidebook” designed to help small business owners better navigate the challenges they might typically face during the heavy retail holiday. The guidebook was paired with postcards that Comcast representatives used in follow-up communications with potential customers.

The guidebook was followed by another lead-gen campaign in the form of a vibrantly-colored 2018 wall calendar that was distributed to keep Comcast Business top-of-mind for small business owners throughout the entire calendar year. With motivational quotes and subtle brand messaging, the calendar included a space for representatives to place their business cards, giving this age-old sales tactic a personal touch.

The 2017 collateral campaign created new leads, while helping Comcast representatives convert an impressive number of new small business prospects.

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