When you’re an event planner, inspiring photography drives your decision making. Visually capturing how CORT Events can help transform a space into an environment is key. We infused the site with fresh imagery that’s warm, inviting and dynamic—and offered a greater amount of real estate for these visuals, which in turn allowed CORT to merchandise more than a single product and create a narrative around immersive event experiences.

We revisited their vocabulary and evolved the CORT Events voice to become more active, shifting from simply creating events toward owning experiences. What was once transactional became inspirational, functional now immersive. By elevating the communication with our customers, we were able to illustrate a clearer path for helping them execute not just memorable, but unforgettable events.

A more intuitive hero window immediately invited visitors to explore, using first-person statements to drive their decision-making. Persistent right-rail navigation also offered multiple pathways to dive deeper into the site. We adjusted the hierarchy of content, featuring experience-focused material more prominently, compared to the previous emphasis on product alone. The combined effect of this repositioning offered event planners the opportunity to better understand how a partnership with CORT Events could impact the execution and experience of their next big project.