Inspired by the numerous technical innovations the three brands were showcasing and their continual commitment to integration across their brands in support of their dealer customer base, the graphic concept came to life by creating a connected and inclusive ecosystem graphic where each of the brands was represented by a key color and yet remain a part of the ensemble. This web of connected points symbolized the myriad touchpoints the brands create for their clients. Adding motion to this original design enhanced the momentum of visual impact and piqued the curiosity of attendees.

Hothouse also developed digital and video assets that were displayed throughout the booth., Each brand had dedicated interactive kiosks that sales people used when demonstrating new technical enhancements to potential buyers in one-on-one relational conversations. Hothouse developed the messaging for each brand’s demo kiosks and designed individual videos that highlighted key selling features and benefits. An anthemic brand video, made in a budget-efficient manner from repurposed video clips and motion graphics, was also utilized on the outside screen panels of the booth as way to attract and convert new potential customers. The cohesive approach was lauded by clients and reportedly drew hundreds of attendees inside the booth for both scheduled and impromptu conversations and product demonstrations. These conversions, at this key event, garnered new leads, bolstered existing contract extensions, and led to new customer conversions.