Discovering new Meaning

Through meetings, interviews, stakeholder analysis, travel, immersion, thinking, whiteboarding, dealer interviews, and field research, all done in a matter of weeks, the collaborative client and agency teams dug into the essence of the brand.

What emerged was a new molecule that reflected the brand’s legacy and leadership combined with an evolved perspective on core values that included more emotional and motivation-based ideologies. These concepts formed a new purpose and positioning that would permeate the creative work: to empower dealers with human-centric insights to drive enduring value.

Shaping the Creative

As the process of aligning the new strategy with creative progressed, it became evident that implementing new emotional and motivational messages that would move the brand from a product-centric company to a human-centric one required some practice and patience. Through the work of creating the brand’s ambition statement, purpose, mantra and rally cry, we were able to devise a richer and more diverse language set. From these creative products, we were able to craft advertising messages and visuals that set apart from the competition in a bold new way.

Sharing the Story

The integrated approach of the go to market campaign featured a brand video, email elements, internal communications, paid display and native advertising as well as social and to-the-trade print assets.