DISH engaged Hothouse to create a new way to drive interest in DISH with their current customers and potential customers on and We partnered together to create a unique take on the traditional basketball bracket, where we added an entertaining spin to it. Instead of choosing which basketball team would win, users had to choose which TV show was more popular in each matchup (according to a survey conducted by DISH). The result was a fully functional bracket challenge microsite, encouraging users to make their picks for a chance to win the grand prize of $10,000.

The biggest challenge, a tight timeline, left us with only eight weeks to concept, pitch, design, develop and launch. To meet the deadline, the Hothouse teams worked in parallel paths. Creative iterated rounds of design and copy at the same time the tech team vetted functionality and UX, and managed coding and implementation. The socially sharable, mobile responsive microsite provides ample opportunity for DISH messaging while serving up an exciting experience for anyone getting fired up for college hoops.

To promote the bracket challenge, Hothouse produced banner ads, emails and social posts for DISH to target subscribers and prospects. The Hothouse video team also produced a TV spot that DISH will run cross-channel, driving participation and affinity. The live site will be open for entries until March 21st, so go ahead and make your own picks for the DISH TV All-Stars!