The messaging and design overhaul was grounded in this human-centric promise. Rather than rely over-hyped language and buzzwords, we opted for a more empathetic vocabulary that captured HGS’s ability to truly understand their clients’ needs and in turn, offer solutions that resonated. Design supported this more engaging storyline through authentic imagery, interactive educational tools and video content. In addition, the site was updated to adhere to modern ADA standards, ensuring that all visitors would experience only the best in user engagement.

The clients’ needs are priority #1 and as a result, the UX evolved to focus not just on HGS’s CX offerings, but all service lines as well. Through thoughtful prompts on the home page, reorganization of the navigation and cross-pollination of content, the new site helps empower visitors as they journey from consideration to awareness to purchase, discovering the information they need along the way to ultimately select HGS as their partner. A comprehensive digital strategy, including improved SEO and SEM, also supported conversions with ongoing improvements slated as key learnings continue to roll in.