To create an impactful kit required placing ourselves in the shoes of those doing the selling. By attending product and technical training sessions, conducting deep user interviews and mapping the sales journey,
we were able to identify form and function objectives to guide our kit development. Based on these insights, the final product needed to be modular in nature, allowing the sales associate to quickly identify the right story path for their audience, lightweight for easy transport, contain 3D physical demo opportunities and have the ability to expand for future content needs.

We brainstormed and sketched the kit itself to facilitate ideation refinement. What form could help solve for the challenges sales associates face, like tight presentation quarters, limited merchandising space and limited time with their prospects? Prototyping concepts enabled us to fail fast and learn even faster, so that we could quickly arrive at the proposed final solution.

As impactful as Interface itself, the new kit embodied this revolutionary brand across design, innovation, performance and sustainability. Each chapter outlined key product attributes, and given its modular nature, enabled sales associates to easily and instantly customize each conversation. Hands-on tools catered to the “see-it-to-believe-it” needs of potential clients, demonstrating value props competitors simply couldn’t rival. As the updated kits hit the showrooms of prospects across the country, we will continue to help Interface refine and improve on the experience, leveraging the neverending power of design thinking.