Building on Success

We first addressed NBCU’s challenge of competing priorities in the summer of 2012. This activation, the award-winning Your Summer Solution, combined five entertainment networks and gave affiliates the tools they needed to plan and promote the hottest campaigns of the summer.

The response was tremendous—so we kicked it into high gear and developed a year-long opportunity. This strategy, Your Super Solution, would have to be bigger, better and yield even more impressive results.

A Super Incentive

Within the integrated Your Super Solution promotion, affiliates commit to an annual level of support for programming priorities across multiple networks. A flexible enrollment model lets affiliates sign up for the campaigns that work best for them—and the wider scope of the program provides longer lead times to activate local efforts. In exchange for a commitment of cross-channel media support, affiliates earn points that are redeemable within an immersive online shopping environment. High-end merchandise, talent appearances and experiential opportunities reward affiliates with an extra incentive to participate.

Staying Ahead

In its first two years, Your Super Solution generated record-breaking success from both the network and affiliate perspectives. With more than $30 million in media, measurable ratings success for the NBCU networks and sufficient lead time for affiliates to effectively capitalize on NBCU programming, 100% of participants expressed interest in taking part in similar business-driving programs in subsequent years. Your Super Solution is now an evergreen program that we continue to evolve as NBCU’s needs—and networks—grow.