Uncovering NPI’s differentiators

While NPI excels in servicing their clients, the company's outdated website didn't clearly communicate all the ways in which they do so. Through an in-depth discovery process including conversations with their key executives and several on-site working sessions, we defined NPI’s key differentiators and clearly outlined their previously disorganized service offerings. The initial wireframes and visual exploration started to take shape as well, forming the foundation for what would become NPI’s brand identity moving forward.

Lifting the Veil

In preparation for the site’s implementation, our challenge was two-fold: cull the existing content on the website into digestible pieces and improve user experience using modernized web design. NPI's varied target audience includes marketing and technology stakeholders who don't always speak the same language. We achieved the right messaging by breaking down NPI’s services and benefits into distinct sections that made their brand value proposition easy to understand. The UX and redesign of the website evolved in tandem, resulting in an easy-to-navigate visual flow that draws on modern design elements and a warm color palette.

Up, Up, and Away

NPI’s successful digital transformation not only more aptly reflects the company’s IT expertise and value, but it also exemplifies the power that messaging, design and UX can have on a dot com’s performance. Since launch, we’ve seen significant KPI improvements compared to 2016 data with site visits, page views and duration of visits all on the rise. Finally, this tech-savvy IT firm has a future-forward face to match the next-level strategies and services it offers to clients.