An Outsider’s Advantage

The elephant in the room at very start was one we would readily admit—we knew nothing about supply chain finance. But the Hothouse team saw this as a true opportunity to distinguish PrimeRevenue from its competitors by delivering an approach that was far from other fintech players. We began with a series of deep-dive interviews spanning nearly 20 hours across all departments from sales and marketing to tech and human resources, so that we could create a website that would add value to all that would use it. Our collaborative discovery session with executive stakeholders revealed an even bigger challenge—maintain the current site’s #1 SEO ranking, but cut content and redevelop the entire brand story. Armed with all these insights and a lot of industry research, we took to task.


Website Woes

Although, the website was well-optimized and ranked high in search, the site was outdated, disorganized and unable to articulate PrimeRevenue’s purpose. Their key audiences of buyers, suppliers and funders were not properly funneled through a messaging journey that resonated with their needs—and thus, the site generated a daunting 75% bounce rate. We implemented a “bread crumb” approach starting with the home page, leading these three audiences down their appropriate paths with each click, driving them deeper into the site, revealing layer after layer of benefits to suit their needs. The end result left buyers, suppliers and funders with a clear understanding of “Why PrimeRevenue” and a reinforced call to action to schedule a demo of their cloud-enabled platform. This revised messaging strategy reduced the bounce rate to 40%, keeping our visitors engaged and driving lead conversions.

Fintech Footage

The site’s content went well beyond the words on each page. In order to enhance buyers’, suppliers’ and funders’ understanding of PrimeRevenue’s competitive edge, video was a key component of the content mix. We scripted, storyboarded, edited and produced two simple, yet highly informative videos to offer busy executives a “snackable” way to immediately understand what supply chain finance is and why PrimeRevenue’s strategic approach could transform their business by freeing up more cash. The biggest transformation of all, however, was for our client whose brand was able to come to life with a dot com that finally reflected the company’s innovative, strategic leadership in the global supply chain finance industry.