It’s now 2018, and while TiVo has experienced years of success, it found itself facing a new challenge of reaching the Millennial and Gen Z audience. TiVo looked to Hothouse to concept and develop a strategy that would create the same feeling of brand loyalty with younger audiences that it has earned and instilled amongst older generations.

Our approach—Social media, pop culture and trivia. Focusing on engaging platforms that the majority of the target audience was active on, we were able to effectively reach Millennials and Gen Z’ers. The use of popular TV shows, movies and events—presented as animated video—not only encouraged audiences to engage with the content, but it also tied back to TiVo’s history of being a leader in the entertainment industry. Finally, the added element of a challenge through the trivia-like quizzes succeeded in encouraging user engagement, which ultimately led them to developing an interest in the brand.