Entertainment consumers have more choices than ever, and EPIX needed an updated strategy to close the sale on new subscriptions. To solve this problem, Hothouse created an interactive training video for customer service reps (CSRs) that informed MVPD Sales Reps about EPIX programming, offering added value through a scenario-based interactive quiz to help CSRs understand which programming to leverage for different customers to drive subscriptions.

This video was a full-agency project, with creative, technology and video collaborating with account services throughout the entire production process. The process started with a script and story boards, with Hothouse copywriters working in tandem with the video department and tech team to develop a compelling story that would not only be informative, but also engaging.

Once the script theme and story were nailed down, the team did a casting call of more than 40 people, narrowing it down to an actress who was a perfect fit for the job – Beth Keener. Then, we rolled in the Rock and Roll Trusses, giant monitors and movie set props, and brought in a production team of over 20 people to assist with filming, in addition to the team from EPIX and our Hothouse staff.

Next up, post production. Our video department started working on rough cuts which included editing, tracking, compositing, music sweetening and color correction. The result was a polished, high-energy, movie trailer-style training video that will thrill Sales Rep viewers as much as it educates them about all of the BIG programming that EPIX has to offer its subscribers.