Hothouse Senior Account Manager, Sarah Long comes from Augusta, Georgia, but don’t ask her about golf, just don’t. Sarah does know a lot about her clients, is super easy to work with and has helped us all through the WFH era with everything from hosting an online class on how to make pasta to regular visits from Winston on video conference calls. This is our first interview in a series we are calling Slacking with…because the conversation all happens on Slack. So…

HH: You said that one of the things you’ve learned since working from home was that bathrobes are not business casual. Can you tell us more about the moment you realized that to be true?

Sarah: To be honest, I love to multi-task a face mask with an internal status call… in a bathrobe. I don’t know about you, but when you’re on a call and everyone’s on camera and you’re not you start to feel some unspoken peer pressure. The bathrobe really helps you keep the camera off.

HH: You’re talking about face masks you wear at a spa, not out in public, right? Are you more of a clay mask or sheet mask?

Sarah: Definitely a clay mask kinda gal

HH: You’re getting married! I know you already know that…but what kind of plans are you making for the big day?

Sarah: Wait, I’m getting married?! News to me. But we’re taking this slow-down in the world to get ahead of planning for our wedding next fall. We’re trying to find a little bowtie for Winston, and I’m going to design my own dress. And because I work in marketing, I had to come up with a theme, so we’re going with “South of Italy.” I hope to play up southern hospitality and fare with inspiration from our travels in Italy (and pasta, duh).

HH: Great transition, because you recently hosted an online pasta making class for Hothouse that everyone loved. But, isn’t easier just to buy a box?

Sarah: Easier, but doesn’t taste as good, I can promise you that. There’s no greater luxury that a bowl of handmade pasta. Truly life changing.

HH: Yeah, I feel bad even bringing it up. Are you too good for Ragu too?

Sarah: I grew up on Ragu so I can’t talk too much shit, but have you ever tried a can of San Marzano tomatoes?!

HH: I have no idea. The last time I had anything other than black beans and rice was back in 2019. One final question. You said the Grateful Dead’s Ramble on Rose is one of your favorite Dead songs. Which lyric from that song makes the world all makes sense:

Sarah: I heard Jerry say “Ramble on baby” and that was all the motivation I needed one day to keep going. Sometimes you just need someone (RIP Jerry) to remind you to keep on.

HH: The Dead can do that. Thanks, Sarah!