By now, business-as-usual, whether it’s how you work or play, has been completely reimagined. You try to maintain some semblance around a normal routine, whether it’s by enjoying your coffee at your usual time or by enhancing your online meeting with a professional-like background to show that you are professional, but you admit, it’s not the same.

It’s that feeling when you are on the beach, letting the waves crest over your feet to enjoy a moment in the sun and the visual of boundless sea, but something else is afoot. You are trying to be present, to enjoy the moment, but the sand underneath your feet is constantly shifting. So, you try to preserve the moment by simply adjusting your feet to find solid ground, only to find the sand shifting with every wave.

Our current environment feels the same. No matter how we adjust, the waves keep coming. While the times are unsettling, I’ve noticed how I find myself settling into new ways of working, as well as how I’m communicating with people. While business matters are still center of focus, the conversations are more personable. I’m reaching out to people I haven’t connected with in a while. I sincerely want to know that they and their loved ones are well. There is something heartening while we all still grasp for data to get a handle on events, it’s ultimately how we feel and our personal compass that directs how we move forward. From how we are thinking about the future, to what kind of relationships we value, to assessing purchasing decisions, as well as recognizing how we may have to reinvent ourselves at this time. It’s giving us pause to reassess what really matters versus arbitrary growth.

While the sand beneath our feet will continue to shift, so are the ways in which we can stand tall and adjust to new ways we can think about ourselves, our relationships, on relevance and how we can truly make an impact in this ever-changing world. I hope with each wave, it’s an opportunity for all of us to reinvent ourselves on where we stand. This includes using this extraordinary time to reconnect with people that have had an impact in your life, as well as finding your footing around defining your purpose.