When you’re the Worldwide Leader in Sports, how do you remind your partners of the impact that your coverage of the world’s biggest sporting event will have on their business? To promote ESPN’s multi-platform coverage of the 2014 World Cup, we teamed up with another big name in soccer—adidas—to be the perfect partner for a B2B celebratory mailer.

ESPN’s VIPs received a striking shoebox featuring World Cup art inside and out, along with an adidas gift certificate to create a custom pair of Sambas. Upon arriving at GetMyShoes.net, our WatchESPN-branded mi Samba site, recipients could choose a pair of pre-designed shoes with their favorite country’s colors or completely create their own, from the laces down to the sole.

The kicker? According to the client, “the piece looks amazing and our entire office has never been so pumped about a mailer…EVER.” That’s what we call soccer fans call a “strong finish.”