No one wants to talk about what’s clogging up their drains. After all, discussing unwanted blockages can quickly take a toxic turn. In order to promote the latest line of Zep’s professional-grade cleaning products, we created science-based demonstration videos to take away the ick-factor. Our lab coat-wearing host’s technical delivery, peppered with a few delightfully nerdy one-liners, created credibility in the space, while real-time testing reinforced the capabilities of the product.

The videos will be featured on social channels, product detail pages and in-store displays, augmenting 2018-2019 sales goals. Zep’s drain care proves it knows how to push through the toughest barriers, giving customers a reason not to worry about what’s flowing through their pipes. And now, with this video series, they know whatever you send down the drain, Zep keeps it moving.

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