TiVo may have invented on-demand TV decades ago, but they’re ready to introduce themselves to the latest generation of TV watchers. TiVo engaged Hothouse to lead the development of their online brand presence on an international scale, using the launch of their newest product as a way to establish the new brand identity. We worked as a team to promote visual elements and tactics that would appeal to a younger viewer who streams most of their content.

Prior to the launch of the new TiVo EDGE, Hothouse produced a series of top-of-the-funnel social videos that communicated the brand’s solution to content chaos. We then created more than 100 branded static and video assets to garner awareness of TiVo throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We deployed these assets across digital and social platforms, specifically exploiting Instagram’s basic functions to have fun with the new visual brand standard—TiVo deleted all past posts prior to the launch to help generate buzz and create a blank slate from which the new brand could be presented. TiVo has officially made the shift from a legacy brand to one that’s squarely in the zeitgeist of entertainment technology.