American Evolution

Hothouse contributes to driving 2.7 million visitors and $197 million in economic impact to Virginia

Through technology, experiential and social content, Hothouse helped The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation execute American Evolution, a three year-long celebration to honor the 400th commemorative anniversary of key historical events, designed to promote Virginia tourism while boosting the state’s economic impact.


30,000 app downloads push visitors to explore 400 key sites of Virginia

Our custom-built app offered 400 stories and 20 guided narratives for visitors to explore throughout the state in a gamified fashion—earning badges for site visits and sharing their experience using #VAHistoryTrails across social media channels. The app received a Gold Medal for Best New Mobile App, as well as Excellence in Immersive Experience from the Media Excellence Award.

- Skip Ferebee
Deputy Director of Marketing Communications - American Evolution | 2019 Commemoration

The experience that Hothouse helped bring to life goes well beyond just developing an app. The Hothouse team felt the passion and pride that we have for Virginia. They took that vision and created a way we can share our history and heritage with the rest of the country.


Experiential and social strengthen the connection to history

Interactive digital kiosks toured Virginia cities in the years leading up to the Commemoration. Attendees could play trivia, explore a timeline of 40 pivotal American Evolution moments, take a historic personality quiz and more. In addition, we developed over 40 pieces of social content, including short- and long-form articles, GIFs and videos designed to educate followers about these impactful events and historical figures.