A better B2B dot com increases engagement with stickier content

Long before the pandemic, car buyers were shifting their shopping to more digitally driven methods, hoping to complete most, if not all, of the process online. As an industry leader, Autotrader has continued to innovate products and services to help drive dealership success in the virtual showroom.


Reframing the partnership

Website Redesign

Our strategy was rooted in reframing Autotrader’s role, moving them from a products and services provider to a consultative partner for dealers. It’s their expertise and experience within the automotive industry that enables Autotrader to pinpoint what dealerships need to drive leads and conversions. Headlines and copy consistently led with results-focused and benefit-building language to reinforce the narrative that success that comes when Autotrader is by your side.

- Justin Collins, Marketing Director, Digital Marketing, Autotrader

Hothouse’s strategic approach ensured that every headline, every image, every page had purpose. And that was to drive dealers down a clear path toward the products and services that served them best.


Beyond the basics

Increasing dealership engagement, reducing bounce rate, upping the page views and session times—these are table stakes when it comes to a web redesign. In addition, we aimed to better organize the overall experience, constructing user flows for different types of dealers—new car, used car and specialty—so they could quickly and easily discover the products and services best aligned with their needs. Statistics and infographics were featured prominently throughout the new web design in order to build more trust and credibility with dealers and help them better understand how Autotrader’s tools would truly impact their business.

Speaking from experience

Our strategic narrative highlighting Autotrader as the trusted partner for dealerships also extended to the B2B site’s blog, which launched alongside the redesign. From Autotrader product highlights to COVID-centric selling tips, we created content that positioned Autotrader as a thought leader with the breadth and depth of experience required to help dealers navigate the ever-changing automotive industry.

Initial B2B Website Redesign Findings
Increase in pageviews
Decrease in bounce rate
Increase in mobile traffic