Hothouse plays a leading role in securing 70,000 furniture leases for the shared-economy pioneer

CORT’s complex business model includes furniture rental, retail outlets, tradeshows, events, disaster recovery, relocation services, and multi-family housing—with outreach to both B2B and B2C audiences. Our work first began with numerous in-depth discovery sessions resulting in brand architectures and messaging matrices to introduce a new way of speaking about furniture rental in today’s world.


2-day shoot, 15 videos, 200+ digital display ads, 1 happy client.

Integrated Campaign

With CORT, you rent what you need for however long you need it, and return it when you don’t. In other words, you get Furniture on Your Terms™. This simple premise came to life via a robust output of video assets including two anthem videos, seven 15-second spots, and six 6-second pieces. Digital display ads, digital OOH, podcast sponsorships and radio spots continuously reminded consumers that renting furniture is just as freeing as renting everything else.

- Lisa Woodworth, SVP of Marketing, CORT

Hothouse is exactly the kind of agency partner CORT was looking for to continue our category leadership and innovation. Hothouse has the experience and tenure to partner on our brand growth and the creativity and agility to answer our day-to-day business needs.

Creative hooks help drive in-store visits and online purchases

Season after season, our team generates emails, flyers, banners, retail TV spots, radio and more for business-building promotional events.


New COVID materials generated within days

CORT’s Furniture as a Service (FaaS) offers businesses the flexibility they need to navigate the ever-changing protocols courtesy of COVID-19. Within days of the new work-from-home orders, we quickly generated sales materials to help facilitate conversations with both B2B and B2C customers.