Cox Automotive

Helping our clients keep their clients ahead in an industry where tomorrow becomes today sooner than you’d think.

After five years of serving as an agency of choice, Hothouse has proven we can keep our pulse on the automotive industry and translate those learnings into smart, strategic work that helps Cox Automotive customers stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Our ability to track the shifts in consumer and business landscapes positions us well to assist with the launch of products and services that ultimately generate new streams of revenue for dealers. When automotive marketing evolves at a pace this rapid, you need an agency that can keep up with what’s now—and next.


Creating visual and verbal cohesion for a growing business priority

Through strategy and foundational messaging, we defined what the future of mobility sounds like—and with a robust visual identity to follow, we crafted what it looks like, too. This flexible new brand encompasses four lines of business (LOB) for fleet services and operations under the primary of Cox Automotive Mobility.


Activating with assets—and lots of them

To support Cox Automotive Mobility customers within the changing automotive landscape, the Hothouse team unleashed content@scale, driving the development of the dot com, landing pages for each LOB, digital and social assets, sales materials and more.

Branding data with DRiVEQ

Cox Automotive has the most substantial, interconnected suite of digital properties, yet there’s limited understanding of its significance. To better educate the industry on why data matters for the now and next, we branded the very thing that’s so elusive—the data itself. We transformed Cox Automotive Intelligence into DRiVEQ, a brand that captures the power information has to drive better business outcomes.


Executing across the Cox enterprise

Both Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book offer products and services that help dealers follow the sale from start to finish. But building resonance and understanding of how these digital elements drive traffic to dealers’ doors is a challenge—especially with an audience that’s historically hesitant to accept the realities of the now (let alone adopt the innovations of next). Hothouse is Cox Automotive’s go-to agency for these go-to-market strategies, as we’ve consistently proven our ability to communicate the value of “new” through well-defined sales narratives.