Feeding the frenzy of TV’s biggest pop culture phenomenon.

Fresh off the wave of their highest rated Shark Week ever, Discovery Channel was facing a somewhat familiar challenge—how to leverage that momentum and stay at the top of the food chain. To engage consumers, drive local ad sales and encourage activation across key distribution partners, we needed to feed viewers’ voracious appetite for unique Shark Week related content. By leveraging the inherent campiness of the 2016 Shark N’ Awe campaign and embracing fans’ craving for content, we created an immersive promotional program designed to turn summer’s hottest week of television into a social sensation.


Creating a destination

Shark Week fin-atics don’t like missing any of the action, so we created a unique hub dedicated to Discovery Channel’s key partners. Shark Week highlights and clips built excitement around the forthcoming programming priorities by offering visitors a sneak peak into the latest season. The site also gave fans an opportunity to win thematic prizing through the Shark N’ Awe Sweepstakes, including a chance to sail the high seas with a cruise from Princess Cruises.


Getting Photosharked

Shark Week fans are always looking for new content to satiate their Great White-sized appetites for this pop culture event. To engage this loyal fan base, spread awareness and promote tune-in we developed a unique opportunity for viewers to share their excitement surrounding Shark Week by generating that content themselves. Fans upload an image and pick from a gallery of awe-inspired overlays to take their image to Megalodon proportions! They could then share their Photosharked images on social media to expand the reach of the campaign.



Reeling in retail

Engaging Discovery Channel’s distribution partners at the retail level allowed us to deliver a creative solution that would put an underwater spin on basic customer activities carried out in store . A select number of retail locations were provided with branded tackle boxes, which included Shark Week-themed items like temporary tattoos, shark fin hats, signage and window clings that helped to bring Shark N’ Awe to life.