Continuing to feed the frenzy of TV’s biggest pop culture phenomenon.

Shark Week has been a must-watch event for over 20 years, so how do you move beyond “been there, done that” when it comes to promoting tune in? As a third-year participant in Shark Week’s success, we’ve found impactful interactive ways to make waves amongst fans, ultimately driving viewership and engagement for Discovery Channel’s top programming priority.


Sinking our teeth into competition

The Shark Week Ocean Showdown

Most recently, we created a dynamic, digital Shark Showdown—a bracket challenge and social media campaign. In the weeks leading up to the Shark Week programming, this faceoff gave fans a way to pit sharks against each other while learning interesting facts and stats. **Spoiler alert** the king of the sea himself, the Great White Shark, took the top honors from this crowd-sourced feeding frenzy.


Creating a sea of activity

User-Generated Content & Sweepstakes Campaign

Shark Week fans are always looking for new content to satiate their Great White-sized appetites for this pop-culture event. This time, we gave them the opportunity to generate that content themselves. Fans could upload an image and pick from a gallery of awe-inspired overlays to take their image to Megalodon proportions. They could then share their Photosharked images on social media to expand the reach of the campaign and also enter to win thematic prizing through the Shark N’ Awe Sweepstakes, including a chance to sail the high seas with a cruise from Princess Cruises.