Transporting hundreds of thousands of viewers to new realms through immersive, virtual escapes.

To delight viewers and acquire new subscribers, DISH delivers several unique offerings like content-driven Watch Events that feature free previews and on-demand titles from various networks and DISH scapes, a signature channel delivering relaxing environments with ambient sounds. But how do you reinvent the formats and reignite interest month after month?

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Challenge: create an imaginary environment out of real assets native to Hawaii. Go.

For the DISH scape, a successful delivery is in the details. It’s a constant balance between reflecting accuracy and delivering the unexpected. In January 2021, we executed DISH’s first-ever 24-hour scape, featuring the rugged shores of Hawaii and a dawn-to-dusk transition that mirrored the daypart you’d see out your own window. This massive, animated undertaking was completed in a mere three weeks, requiring streamlined, cross-departmental collaboration with exec-level client eyes on every step.

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Recreating a wonder of the world

The February DISH scape took on a more mystical vibe with the recreation of 1920s Cairo, Egypt. Those observing closely enough—and trust us, these viewers don’t miss a thing—could spot easter eggs like a pyramid mirage, mummy, and hidden ruins. With the recent release of March’s Ireland environment, we continue to perfect our process and bring our fresh perspective to every locale.

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DISH Watch Events

:30s TV spots

Hothouse Content Studios has also been supporting DISH’s monthly Watch Event spots, handling all elements of production from scripting and design to animation and editing. The ability to respond and react quickly is key, given that network content is often supplied at a late stage leaving limited time to finalize before delivering to air.