A powerful sustainability framework drives business impact for clients, partners and shareholders

While committed to generating sustainable outcomes that benefit society, Georgia-Pacific lacked the tools needed to communicate their efforts and impact. Our in-depth Discovery process revealed three key goals for their sustainability relaunch: create a clear purpose to rally internal and external audiences; make it flexible enough to incorporate short- and long-term results, and future sustainability priorities; and articulate the value by making logical connections across all the points of impact in order to tell that coherent story.

GP's Principles of Progress

We built the messaging framework around what we identified as the Principles of Progress—the priorities that guide GP’s behavior as they work toward helping people improve their lives. The principles enable GP to map successes and milestones directly back to the five priorities. Each principle connects to its own visual identity that utilizes a new secondary palette. These visual markers can be used throughout any sustainability deliverable to create additional structure and coherence, while still aligning with the larger GP brand identity.


Sharpening the narrative with design

2020 Sustainability Report and Corporate Website

Our first deliverables provided additional opportunities to push the design aesthetic. We elevated data visualization, iconography and infographics to match the sophistication of the message and incorporated a bolder, layered effect to the visual storytelling. Photography often featured GP employees, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and the people that drive it.