Georgia’s Own Credit Union

How content@scale engages audiences of the Now and Next

All content is not created equal—but whether it was backed by a big budget, shot covertly on an iPhone, or animated in studio, its reception can be equally impactful. For the regional financial brand, Georgia’s Own Credit Union, we found ways to stretch budgets both big and small to produce a wide variety of awareness and offer-centric assets.

Hyper local, hyper personable, Georgia’s Own becomes part of their members’ lives, helping them start storylines they never thought possible through low-fee products and services. We creatively combined stock and original footage to amplify a sophisticated, emotional narrative and appeal to their core target audience.


Small budgets. Big impact.

How do you attract the next generation of members? Create thumb-stopping content that twists the trends in a way only a credit union can, because our focus is exactly where it should be—on your finances, not your news feed.


Adding to that asset library

A campaign featuring real people can get real messy, real fast, but those authentic stories are key to the Georgia’s Own brand. From “talent” outreach and waiver management to quick permitting and DIY wardrobe/makeup, we art directed and photographed customers at notable locales across Atlanta to generate a robust image library flexible enough to support marketing efforts now—and into the future.