IHG Hotels & Resorts

Preparing the primary brand for Now and Next

As the travel and hospitality industry reopened its doors, it did so with a heightened level of expectation from guests. Travelers’ opportunities for connection were limited coming out of the pandemic, so communicating a stay-brand’s value became key. As the future of travel started to take shape, how could a 200-year-old hotel group maintain its relevance as demands only increased?

Nothing says, “Wish you were here” better than beautiful storytelling. To reintroduce the IHG Hotels & Resorts primary brand to travelers, we started with emotion, leaning into the longing for connection that was so relatable at the time in IHG’s first-ever spot. As the storylines progressed, we continued to use music and lyrics to drive the narrative for next-gen and business travelers, and honed a more provocative tone of voice to attract the attention of luxury guests.

Creating content on a global scale

We graced airports across the world with bold invitations that broke through the noise of now, and invited travelers to consider IHG Hotels & Resorts for their next destination. The content studio successfully navigated language translations, cultural considerations for photography, and other challenges associated with this worldwide campaign.

Turning fans into future guests

IHG’s portfolio of 17 brands supports guests’ experiences, however they wish to have them unfold. To further align IHG with those experiences, we connected with audiences during moments that might require (or inspire) travel through unique sponsorships and partnerships like the U.S. Open, Major League Soccer and European Rugby—with future activations to come.